The Things You Need To Know about Hybrid Clubs

Before the invention of hybrid clubs, many golfers struggle with their strike and make into the fairway in alesser score. Most of them land on difficult spots during a play. With these dilemmas, manufacturers made these clubs help golfers get out of difficult spots and lifting the ball out of hills and bunkers. Other golfers tag the newly released clubs their rescue clubs. As time passes by, players noticed that the clubs versatility in the game.

A brief Description of Fairway woods and Long irons

Hybrid ClubsFairway woods are driver clubs that aid players in lifting a ball off the tee and low obstacles such as hills. The shaft and shaft length of this high numbered wood are stiffer and shorter. Its club head is smaller and has a higher degree in its loft.

On the other hand, long irons are heavier. They have smaller club heads and low degrees of loft. The shaft is longer. These characteristics of long irons make it difficult for amateurs and majority of professional golfers to use the club. It is either they end up hitting the ball into a more difficult spot and farther out of the green. This makes golfer dread the use of long irons.

The Birth of the Hybrid Clubs

Taking into consideration the many complaints of golfers, manufacturers made the clubs to increase the play ability of the golf and the enjoyment of players in the field. However, golf companies marketed these clubs as rescue clubs. Back then ,these clubs cost a fortune to the golfers due to the materials used. Since it was a combination of wood and iron, they have to come up with a technology to mimic the properties of a fairway wood and an iron.

Thus, despite its usefulness in the field, it was only in 2000 that these clubs gained their popularity. As of this time, more manufacturers produce hybrid golf clubs, mainly as a marketing strategy to fuse two clubs in one.

Many golfers especially the amateurs find it easier to use than the long irons. Players who use hybrid noticed a change in their strike and game play. They discover that their accuracy in hitting the ball into the green increased and the lesser that the ball land on a turf.

What made the difference?

Hybrid clubs have larger and deeper club heads. Though these are lighter than long irons, it is significantly heavier than the woods. These combinations made the hybrid clubs yield an optimum result and affect the players strike power and accuracy.

The club heads increase forgiveness. Forgiveness is the miss or hit of the ball. Since the club heads are larger, the ball has more room or space to have an impact with the club head. With the deeper club heads, it makes the lifting of the ball easier. Since it is slightly heavier than a wood club is, the strike power was balanced with the weight of the club.

Using a hybrid clubs has many benefits. It can replace your long irons. Bringing a hybrid club at least one or two saves you many stressful spots during your play. However, you need to combine it with technique and proper swing. Otherwise, you will end up using the club as if you are using the fairway wood or your old irons.

In order to learn the proper swing and stance, you have to observe your game play as well as ask the opinions of your colleagues as how you are performing. You have to practice too, to maximize the benefit that you could derive from replacing your irons with a new set of hybrid golf clubs.

Golfing Equipment 101

When starting to play golf, one of the first things you learn about is the equipment. To learn more about golf you can proceed to Rockbottomgolf. Now you’re going to have to build your own set of equipment and which ones are the absolute “necessities” that have to be in the golf bags and which ones are the optional or maybe unnecessary.

The equipment can be divided into few categories. Golf balls, tools to strike the golf ball and other items that can make your experience in playing golf more enjoyable.

So, here are the run-down of golfing’s equipment:
•Golf Ball

golfGrouped into two-, three- or four-piece covers depending on construction, you would want to have a proper ball for gaming as well as some reliable practice balls. Marking those that are yours could also make your life easier when searching for them.

•Golf clubs

Woods, irons, hybrids and putters. Most professionals have a dozen up to 14 clubs in their bag, but a well-chosen set of 8 can pull you through basic play.


Wood or plastic object pushed into the ground where the ball rests before it is hit. Usually, these are just cupped spikes. Plastics are longer lasting, but the wood is very cheap and quite disposable, as they are more liable to break during a drive.

•Ball Markers

A marker to be placed in the stead of a ball that has to be removed for cleaning or shot purposes.

•Golf Bags

With a sectioned portion to group the clubs together, golf bags are usually made with several other pockets for the equipment needed for a game, as well as the required supplies.


Most bags have rings for the carabiner of the specialized towel. It has a multi-textured weave, soft for drying and rough for cleaning. These are for drying and cleaning the hands, the clubs, but most especially, the golf balls.

•Club head covers

For storage and protection purposes when the clubs are not in use. Although these are largely marketed for drivers and fairways, club head covers are not really necessary, but more accessories to your equipment.

•Ball mark repair tool

Basically for repairing or making the mark left by a ball upon hitting the ground. Also unnecessary, because a properly used tee can serve this function too.

•Golf Cart

Vehicles for player and bag transport over the golf course. Hand carts are only for the bag and the ones that carry both the bag and the player are usually electric.


Should not impede the player’s movement and be appropriate for the weather on the course


Have plastic spikes to help with grip and balance on the ground


Usually worn on the off-hand, gloves help enhance the player’s grip and swing


Measure the distance from the ball to the hole, usually telescopic, but can use GPS and lasers. These are only used by leisure players as there are rules prohibiting its use during tournaments

•Ball retrievers

Poles with scoops at the end to get the ball out from a water hazard

•Stroke counters

A string of beads, a click-counter or thumb wheels used to keep track of the number of strokes made during a game.


Attachable clubface surface – attached to irons or woods to give more backspin to your shot. These are also prohibited during official games.

•Positional Guides

A whole range of items that help correct or improve the players swing and stance.

•Ball washers

Usually placed near tee boxes, these are used to thoroughly clean balls between rounds.

Deciding on which of these are supposed to be in your set of equipment you pack into golf bags depends on you and your playing style. Do note that not all of these are allowed during tournaments and are only for casual and practice games.